• Utilization of free manufacturing capacity

    To Slovak companies which are interested in enhancing of utilization of their free manufacturing capacity, we recommend to ask for our Questionnaire in which Slovak companies specify what machines and appliances they possess. We add the machines, appliances etc. into our database through a special code.

    After obtaining inquiry from Western European companies who are looking for appropriate producers from Slovakia, our manufacturing technologists will determine what technology is necessary for manufacturing the object of inquiry.

    Thanks to our database of free manufacturing capacity will be speeded up sending inquiries to only those companies who possess particular necessary machines and appliances. Sending of the inquiries is made by Altia s.r.o. for free.

    Altia s.r.o. is periodically transmitting actualized database to selected Western European companies, which are interested in cooperation with producers from Slovakia. Slovak producers are contacted directly by foreign company or through Altia´s assistance.

    Our database contains information about machines, appliances, facilities and other equipments of engineering and electro technical companies and of companies producing wooden, plastic, glass, metal, gum and synthetic goods.


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