• Recommendation of Most Experienced

    Czech and Slovak Manufacturers of

    Required Products from Metal, Wood,

    Plastics, Glass and Other Materials

    Altia has its own internal database of thousands of manufacturers from the Czech and Slovak Republics with detailed information about their manufacturing machines, equipment and technologies and their main parameters. Based on the manufacturing drawings received from its customers that are searching for new suppliers, Altia’s technologists specify which machines and other equipment are required for manufacturing of the given products. Altia then asks companies that owns the technology required to elaborate their offers and submits the offers and detailed information about manufacturers to the inquiring company that will then stay in a direct contact with the potential manufacturer. Altia also provides detailed information about the Czech and Slovak companies, their unused manufacturing halls or technologies to Western European companies that would like to open a branch or their daughter company in Eastern Europe.

    Altia has dozens of references for matching in merges & acquisitions, as well as in finding new subcontractors or suppliers of required products and components from the Czech and Slovak Republics.


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