• Best Available Environmental Technologies


    Altia elaborates studies for implementation of Best Available Technologies for power plants, district heating plants, waste incineration plants and industrial companies. Such studies evaluate most suitable types of boilers to be used, flue gas treatment technologies, etc. Selected references:

    • Study of most suitable flue-gas desulphurization for TEKO Kosice   (biggest district heating company in Slovakia) in 2012;


    • Study for various technologies to be applied by Martinska teplarenska   heating company (Slovakia) in 2012


    • Boilers residual life time assessment for Damietta power plant(Egypt)in   2013


     • Study for the most suitable boilers for EFB (empty fruit bunch) firing in    West Kaimantan, Indonesia in 2014


    • Technical and Operational Audit of KOSIT, the second largest waste    incineration plant in Slovakia, in 2015


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